Importance of a Yard Drainage System Importance of a Yard Drainage System

A yard drainage system is important if you want a thriving and healthy lawn. A drainage problem in your yard affects the root health, photosynthesis, pest resistance, metabolism and disease resistance of the plants located within your yard. If plants and trees barely grow in your yard then the culprit is probably poor yard drainage system. Poor yard drainage system has a direct affect to the roots of the plants. Furthermore, if the roots of a plant are weak then the plant will be vulnerable to various diseases and will not grow well. Below are the factors that determine your yard drainage system as well as solutions to poor yard drainage.

Factors Affecting your Yard Drainage System

The type of soil that you have in your yard affects how well drainage is being carried in your yard. For example, a yard with clay soil is unsuitable for most types of flower, trees and shrubs due to the heaviness of the clay soil. Clay soil has dense molecules leaving little space for air and water to seep in. On the other hand, in sandy soil, the molecules are too far apart from each other allowing water and nutrients to leach deeper into the ground instead of getting into the roots of the plant.

Soil compaction is also a factor on how well drainage is being handled in your yard. A heavily threaded yard with a lot of foot traffic results into compacted soil which then brings the soil molecules together and inhibiting water and nutrients from getting into the roots of the plant.

Improving your Yard Drainage System

There are various things that you can do to improve the drainage system in your yard. One of these is to use a punch-core aerator that you can purchase at your local garden shop. A punch-core aerator works by removing cores of underground soil to add air pockets within the soil allowing oxygen, nutrients and water to sink in the soil and into the roots of the plant. If you do not want to purchase a core-punch aerator it is also available for rent at your local garden equipment rental shop.

Aside from using a punch-core aerator you can also apply organic compost as a top-dressing on the soil. There is no substitute to the effectiveness of organic compost when it comes to improving the drainage system of your yard. Apply a 4 inch thick layer of organic compost on your yard and spread the organic compost using a rake. Organic compost are available for purchase at your local garden center.

The key to having a healthy yard is to have a good drainage system. The roots of the plant need proper nutrients and regular watering, but all of the watering and fertilizing will be rendered useless if your yard has a poor drainage system. Take the necessary measures when you find it hard to grow plants, flowers or trees in your yard.

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