Important Gutter Heat Tape Fire Hazard Precautions

Once you have cleaned the surface of your gutters, you may be tempted to install some gutter heat tape at the very bottom in order to keep your gutters free of ice. Heat tape is electrically-heated cable, which is plugged into a circuit, and then laid along the bottom of your gutter pipe. This potential combination of electricity and water makes some people reluctant to have them, but so long as you take suitable fire precautions, you should be able to use this with safety.

Maintain the Electrical Cable

The most important thing that you can do to prevent fire is to ensure that you regularly maintain the gutter heat tape. Check the wire regularly for signs of corrosion, and if you see any cable which is split or damaged, you should remove it immediately and replace it with another piece of cable.

Prevent Bunching

One of the biggest causes of fire when using gutter heat tape is through bunching. When you add heat tape to your gutter, you can sometimes have a large amount of cable left over. This can be bunched at the end of the pipe, creating a heat source that burns the gutter pipe, eventually setting it on fire.