Important Toilet Seat Repair Parts Important Toilet Seat Repair Parts

As simple as a toilet seat may seem to operate, if you are to do a toilet seat repair, you'll need to know something about the toilet seat parts you'll need to inspect and replace. In addition to the toilet seat and lid, there are only 2 other parts you may at times need to replace.

Seat Hinges

The toilet seat hinge is the part that keeps the seat attached to the toilet seat lid and the toilet seat lid attached to the toilet bowl. It also allows the lid to raise and lower freely without coming loose. These hinges are secured to the toilet bowl with plastic screws and nuts that when tightened hold the seat and lid securely in  place. These hinges are attached to the toilet lid with screws that are usually metal.

Seat-Hinge Screws (bolts)

Rustproof, plastic screws that keep the seat attached to the toilet are inserted through holes in the hinge and the toilet bowl. The bottom end of the screw projects downward out of the toilet bowl far enough for you to screw on its nuts. By turning these nuts clockwise with a wrench you can tighten the screws enough to hold the seat and lid secure. The top of the screw is slotted to allow you to hold the screw from moving while you tighten the nut.

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