Improve Property Value with a Garage Trellis Improve Property Value with a Garage Trellis

Curb appeal can improve property value. A carefully designed garage trellis can make your property look nicer by giving it the appearance of being better groomed and providing a place for greenery to grow where it normally wouldn't. A garage trellis can also be used to hide unsightly garage walls. Here are some more tips and ideas to keep in mind to successfully use garage trellis to improve the value of your property.

Choose Quality Materials

Avoid using PVC to make a garage trellis. The product isn't necessarily inexpensive, but it can look cheap even if you buy the denser, better quality product. Most people like trellises because they provide a natural look and PVC will not do this. Choose this product and your choice to build a garden trellis could backfire and become a turn-off to prospective buyers and ultimately reduce your property value in their eyes.

Pick wood instead and make sure you choose quality wood that won't look ratty and worn after a few seasons. High grade western red cedar is a good choice. The U.S. Forest Products Laboratory says it has the lowest rate of shrinkage of any type of wood. This means it'll be resistant to checking and warping so your garden trellis will look great in all seasons and for many years. Red cedar is also a good choice because it's naturally resistant to decay so no chemical treatments are required. Being eco-friendly is important to many and you'll increase your property value if you use green products.

Cambara mahogany is an extremely high-quality wood to use for the lattice part of the garage trellis. Lattice sections tend to be small and this wood is strong enough to keep the shape of small sections. It's also resistant to decay. Assemble all parts of the garden trellis using quality stainless steel to prevent rusting, staining or streaking. Use screws, not nails to make sure the unit keeps its shape and stays looking good to improve your property value.

Pick an Attractive Lattice Weave

When designing a garage trellis to improve property value, it's important to make sure you carefully consider the size and style of the lattice weave. If you're trying to hide an unattractive outdoor garage wall to create an outdoor sanctuary full of greenery, then the lattice weave will need to be small enough to do the job. If you incorrectly choose the weave size, parts of the wall will show through and the trellis won't do it's intended job and will look slapped together. Anything that looks improperly planned or made will decrease property value instead of increase it. The best types of lattice weave for garage trellises are woven or partial 1/2 lap.

Set the Posts Properly

Improperly set posts will cause your garage trellis to shift and warp, even if the best quality wood is chosen. The posts should be dug about 2 feet deep with about 3 inches of gravel at the bottom of the hole to drain rainwater. When dirt is placed around the inserted post, make sure it's mounded so the rainwater can run away from it which will prevent water from moving the posts away from the garage.



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