Improve Slip Resistance of a Stamped Concrete Driveway

Even with a textured surface like brick or stone, a stamped concrete driveway can become slippery when wet or icy. Here are several ways to improve the slip resistance of your stamped concrete driveway.

Apply a Clear Slip-Resistant Coating

When you apply your clear sealer to the driveway, add some polyethylene clear grit. These plastic beads are translucent and disappear into clear sealer. Pour the sealer directly onto the stamped concrete, and spread it out evenly with a squeegee. To add a little more texture, sweep over the sealer with a broom before it dries. Reapply the sealer and grit once a year in high-traffic areas.

Add Exposed Aggregate Edging

Consider a border for your concrete driveway made of exposed aggregate. It will provide a non-slip surface for people getting in and out of cars and walking to and from your home's main entrance. Its rough texture and solid composition can endure years of walking traffic. The aggregate can be of mixed colors or monochrome to complement your landscape design.

Add Colored Sand to the Clear Sealant

Choose a colored sand that complements the color and pattern of your stamped concrete driveway. Mix it with the clear sealant to intensify your driveway's color and greatly improve its slip resistance.