Including Grout Lines In Self-Stick Tile Installation

yellow tile spacer

Innovative self-stick tiles with grout lines are an inexpensive and easy-to-install flooring option. These tiles can look like ceramic, slate stone, or parquet squares. For installation, simply measure the size of your desired floor and purchase enough materials to cover the entire area. Remove the peel-off backing and position the tiles as you like.


You can complete the look of self-stick tiles by applying grout. Regular grout does not work because the spaces between the tiles are too shallow, which causes the grout to dry, crack and pop out of the grooves.

Instead of regular grout, you can use sanded caulk to create the same look. This method creates a strong seal between the tiles along with the appearance of caulk that would be found between real ceramic or stone tiles.

Step 1 - Prepare

Measure out the area of the floor where you want to install the self-stick tiles. Since this type of tile will reveal any pits, unevenness or problems with level in your floor, use a leveling compound to even your floor.

Apply a self-stick adhesive strengthener to the floor, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2 - Arrange and Stick

grey and white tile squares

For the grout illusion to look professional, you need to leave some space between each of the tiles. Use spacers that you would use for a regular ceramic or other type of tile. As you install each adhesive tile to the floor, place a spacer between the new tile and the next tile. This way you will ensure that the spaces are even and consistent.

Step 3 - Remove Bubbles

Let the adhesive set and then remove all of the spacers from between the tiles. Roll the floor with a 50-lb. roller to remove any bubbles from underneath the tiles.

Step 4 - Tape

Apply blue painter's tape to the floor in one direction along the grout lines between the tiles. Be extremely careful and precise with the tape since this will be your guide for applying the grout.

Step 5 - Apply Caulk

wood grain tile

Cut a 45 degree angle on the tip of the caulk tube and begin applying the caulk along the grout line. Pull the grout tube toward you, placing the edge of the grout tip along the edge of the tile to fill the grout line fully. Use a caulk smoother to create a smooth surface along your grout line.

Step 6 - Remove Tape

Once the caulk is dry, slowly pull off the tape at a 90 degree angle, taking care not to pull up the caulk line of your new grouting.

Step 7 - Repeat

Repeat taping with blue painters tape in the opposite direction and repeat the caulking process with the new taped lines.