Incorporate Your Chandelier into Festive Seasonal Decorations Incorporate Your Chandelier into Festive Seasonal Decorations

When decorating your home for Christmas or any other holiday, using your chandelier as a decorative centerpiece will help add some festivity and color to the occasion. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your chandelier for a holiday or special occasion.


Use the chandelier to hang streamers, balloons or other birthday related decorations to help create a fun birthday party atmosphere. Decorating a chandelier in a dining room is always a great idea for birthdays if you plan to cut the cake there.


At Christmas time, your chandelier affords you countless decoration ideas. In order to help people get into the holiday spirit, you can attach wreaths to your chandelier, tie red and green bows to it, or even hang Christmas tree ornaments from the chandelier. When decorating a chandelier for Christmas, involve the whole family and have them all hang a Christmas decoration that is special to them.

New Year's Eve Party

On New Year’s Eve, hang balloons, noise makers, stringed popcorn, plastic champagne bottles, wine glasses or anything at all from your chandelier to help bring in the New Year. Welcome people to write down New Year's resolutions and hang them from the chandelier as well. A New Year's Eve party is to celebrate good things to come in the New Year, so use your chandelier to portray thoughts of hope and happiness.

Easter Sunday

If you are having guests over for an Easter Sunday dinner, consider creating a floral arrangement to hang from your chandelier. You can purchase a foam flower arrangement ring from your local arts and crafts store and decorate it with Easter flower favorites such as Blue Iris, Lilies and even Roses. An Easter-themed floral chandelier arrangement over your dining room table will add a hint of beauty and elegance to your Easter Sunday dinner.

Other Holidays and Special Occasions

Decorate for an anniversary dinner by hanging old photographs or keepsakes that the couple find important and memorable. For a baby shower, hang ribbons of pink or blue and small baby toys from your chandelier.

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