Increase Horsepower: How to Increase Airflow

There are ways you can increase horsepower of your vehicle. By increasing efficiency of your vehicle's engine, you may be able to not only increase horsepower but also reduce your vehicle's gas consumption. By knowing more about the various ways performance of your vehicle may be improved, you will be in a position to choose which of these options will fit your individual needs.

Things you'll need:

  • Oversized air filter
  • Automobile performance ROM chip 

Step 1 – Replace Your Performance ROM Chip

Check with friends or associates who know about car engine ROM performance chips. Ask them which of these chips will work better with your vehicle make and model. Research the Internet for information about ROM performance chips, those that can actually increase engine performance. Locate dealers of used auto parts who can supply the ROM chip that will work best with your vehicle.

Step 2 – Install a Supercharger

Increased air flow through your car engine's intake manifold will increase the engine's performance and efficiency. You can accomplish this by installing a turbocharger, or supercharger, that forces air through your engine's intake manifold and into its cylinders.

Step 3 – Polish Your Intake Manifold's Interior Surfaces

Reduce the resistance and slowing of air that flows through your intake manifold by having your intake manifold polished. This will allow air to flow through your intake manifold at an increased speed, supplying more oxygen to your car engine's cylinders where this oxygen-gasoline mixture is ignited and is converted to energy when it explodes.

Step 4 – Install Exhaust Headers and Dual Mufflers

To increase your car engine's ability to move air through the intake manifold and cylinders, you'll need to increase the flow of exhaust that leaves the cylinders. To do this, install headers that will draw burned oxygen-air exhaust from the cylinders and allow fresh fuel-air mixture to enter and become burned. If your vehicle doesn't already have duel exhaust mufflers, replace your muffler with duel mufflers that will also reduce back pressure, which also reduces the ability of exhaust to leave your car's engine.

Step 5 – Install High Performance Cam Shafts

To improve your car's performance, install a high performance cam shaft in the engine. This type of cam shaft will reduce the period of time your engine's intake and exhaust valves remain open and will decrease wasted energy from the exploding air-fuel mixture. Rather than allowing some of the energy to escape unused through partially opened valves, more of the energy will be used to drive the engine's pistons.

Step 6 – Shave Your Vehicle's Heads

Have your auto mechanic remove your vehicle’s engine heads and have them shaved. This will reduce the space in your vehicle's cylinders and will increase compression in those cylinders. This will then increase the energy from the exploding fuel-air mixture.

Step 7 – Install Lightweight Engine Parts

Install lightweight connecting rods and cylinders in your vehicle's engine. These are moving parts in your car's engine that uses energy that is produced by the exploding air-fuel mixture. The heavier these moving parts are, the more energy they use to move them. By replacing standard cylinders and connecting rods with those that weigh less, you increase usable energy that transfers to increased engine horsepower.