Indoor Anthurium: Light and Water Needs

For anyone who keeps plants, an anthurium will make a great addition to your houseplant collection. An Anthurium has shiny, dark leaves with heart shaped flowers that come in red, white and pink variations. Most species of the Anthurium will bloom year round, so they will add bright colors in your home constantly. Anthuriums are most commonly known as Flamingo Flowers or Araceae.

Light Needs

Indoor Anthuriums prefer bright light. They should be placed no farther than 5 feet from a window that gets direct sunlight for long periods of time. While direct sunlight is ideal, they can be placed in an area that receives a lot of shining light.

Water Needs

This type of houseplant only needs to have low to moderate amounts of water. In between each watering session, you should let the soil dry out. The most important factor in watering the Anthurium is to provide it with very good drainage. You can do this by keeping 2 inches of stones at the bottom of the pot and having several drainage holes for the water to run off. Instead of constant watering, a misting of the leaves will help the plant look full and healthy.