Indoor Care for Annual and Perennial Flowers Indoor Care for Annual and Perennial Flowers

Having flowers indoors, whether annual or perennial, will require a different level of care than other types of outdoor plants. When cared for they can add beauty and charm to any room. Here are some basic tips for caring for your indoor flowers.

Climate Appropriate
No matter what kind of annual or perennial you have, it is growing naturally somewhere. Try to find where the plant originates and mimic that climate as closely as you can. Of course you won’t be able to get it perfect, but there are a lot of elements you can incorporate. If the flower requires full sun, place it near a window. If the flower requires a humid environment, try to keep the flower misted or in a more humid room. With a little research you can get the climate type and tweak your home to more closely match this.

Repotting When Necessary

Keep an eye on the flower and if it looks like it’s growing too large for the pot, then take the plant out and repot it. This will help keep the flowers blooming as beautifully as they can and won’t inhibit the growth.

All flowers will require a different level of care. Check with your local nursery if you need more help with a specific flower. With the proper care, your indoor annuals and perennials will bloom and bring you joy all the time.

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