Indoor Electric Fireplace Installation Basics

What You'll Need
Electric Fireplace Kit
Glass Cleaner
Lint Free Cloth

A new indoor electric fireplace is a great alternative to a gas or wood fireplace that requires major remodeling. An electric fireplace is easy to install with a ready-to-assemble kit.

Unpack Contents

Once you've chosen a location for your fireplace that fits the appropriate dimensions, unpack the contents of the box. Check the contents of the package against those listed in assembly instructions. If any pieces are missing, contact the manufacturer before you proceed.


In most kits, the base comes already put together. Follow directions to assemble any larger pieces associated with the base. Once that’s done, you can place the cabinet against the wall you will install the fireplace. Remove any glass in the front.


Follow directions to place the firebox in the cabinet. Once the firebox is in place, you can connect the power cord and plug it in. Check the instructions to see if the logs need to be positioned a certain way inside the firebox.

Finishing Touches

Once it’s plugged in and the logs are in place, test to ensure that it powers on. Then clean the glass or doors and put in place. Add any remaining trim.