Indoor or Outdoor Hot Tub?

Deciding between an indoor and an outdoor hot tub requires you to weigh the pros and the cons of each. A backyard hot tub deck or hot tub enclosure is a fairly common addition to many homes, but that does not mean that an indoor hot tub is without its merits. Whichever you choose, a hot tub is an investment that will require frequent maintenance, but it just may be worth the benefits in relaxation and increased home value.

Indoor Hot Tub

Beginning with the indoor variety, it is important to understand its costs and benefits before you make a decision. There are both advantages and disadvantages to installing a hot tub indoors inside your home:



  • Privacy: By having an indoor hot tub, you won’t be faced with any privacy issues. Simply close the blinds or let the steam from the room cover the windows and block out neighbors’ eyes.
  • Heat: As a byproduct of the steam produced by the hot tub, the heat thus generated can indirectly warm up adjacent areas of the home not to mention the room that contains the hot tub.
  • All Weather: An indoor hot tub lets you enjoy its benefits without exposing yourself to the elements. Even if you like being outside when it’s snowing, you still have to get to the hot tub which can be bone chilling.


  • Ventilation: Wherever you install a hot tub indoors you must also have a means of ventilating the moist, hot air or else you will have extreme mold and eventual rot issues.
  • Space: Choosing to locate your hot tub indoors requires that you have a room where it will fit. Otherwise you need to build an additional room designed expressly for the hot tub.
  • Cost: Because you may have to build an addition and/or install a ventilation system, on top of the cost of the hot tub and its components, the price will be even higher.

Outdoor Hot Tub

With an outdoor hot tub, some of the costs of an indoor hot tub are allayed, but there are still two sides to weigh if you are considering the outdoor variety. The advantages and disadvantages of installing an outdoor hot tub:


  • Space: Rather than having to build a separate room or retrofit an existing room to fit your indoor hot tub, outdoors all you have to do is either dig a hole for the tub or erect it in an open space.
  • Cost: There is no required ventilation system or the cost of adding or remodeling a room, so the cost is considerably less. You may even be able to surround it with a deck for less money than an indoor hot tub would cost.
  • The Great Outdoors: Part of the thrill of having a hot tub is using it outdoors, even if it is raining or snowing. Some of the coziest hot tubs have a trellis over the top with vine plants covering a portion of it. It blocks out much of the weather, but it still lets a little in, which is nice.


  • Privacy: With an outdoor hot tub you will possibly have less privacy than with an indoor model. The fact that you are outside and in view may be a problem. Consider, though, enclosing your outdoor hot tub with a wall on one or two sides.
  • Maintenance: Falling leaves, twigs, bugs and other outdoor debris must be kept out of your hot tub, requiring you to more regularly maintain your outdoor hot tub.
  • Extreme Weather: Although a light rain or snow can be nice while you are taking a soak, a heavy rain or snowfall is no fun, especially when you have to go back inside. Outdoor tubs expose you to more bad weather which may limit how often you can use it in the winter and fall.

Before you decide on either an indoor or an outdoor hot tub, weigh the pros and cons of each. They both have their advantages, but they both have drawbacks as well. After careful consideration, you’ll decide on the best type for your household.