Indoor Pond Design: 3 Decisions To Make

When most people think of a pond they typically visualize them in an outdoor location, but you may be surprised to know that ponds can be built inside your home as well. Indoor ponds can be as small as a washtub or as large as space will allow, and they can easily include a small waterfall or water running over stones.

With just a little attention to design detail you can build an indoor pond that meets your aesthetic needs. You don't have to be an expert pond builder. But there are several decisions you'll need to make to avoid having to start over, once you find yourself halfway through your project.

Decision 1-What Will You Do With Your Pool?

You have several choices:

  • keep a fish or aquatic plants in it.
  • Include a waterfall or sprinkler that will add the soothing sound of moving water
  • Us it to create a more quiet mood, a pool that will reflect light off your walls and ceiling, or one where you'll see orange goldfish swimming lazily

Decision 2-Decide the Pond Size

Pond size, along with its intended function, will determine the details of its construction.

  • Small Ponds: Use the basin of an old birdbath or even a plastic wash tub and can make it attractive and achieve the effect you want. To disguise it and make it aesthetically pleasing you can pile a few stones around the perimeter or even add artificial plants.
  • Mid-Size Ponds: Try using a child’s wading pool or a livestock watering tank. Ring them with rock and artificial plants to make them more attractive.
  • Large ponds: You have a potential for greater versatility in function and design when designing a large pond.

Decision 3-Simplicity or Creativity

If you want a more elaborate pond, try using landscape timbers and a pond liner. Just build the sides of the pond, one layer of timbers at a time, then line the inside with a pond liner you can usually find at a water garden supply shop. In using this design, be sure you secure all the parts safely together using nails or bolts for the landscape timbers or concrete mortar you use.

Depending on how you create moving water-waterfall or flowing water-there are a number of things you will need:

  • Water pump -   Its size will depend on the size of the pond and the waterfall will look like
  • Water Filter - needed if you plan to have fish in your pond.

Typically, you will find a variety of pumps and filters at most discount stores. The size of your pond, the number of fish you plan to add, and the amount of water you will need to move over a specific period of time, will all help you choose the right pump and filter.

With a little imagination, you can build an attractive and safe pond that will be easy to maintain and add interest to the area where it's built.