Indoor Swimming Pool Design Tips

An indoor swimming pool is a luxury that many would enjoy. If you are lucky enough to be installing an indoor swimming pool, here are some tips you may want to consider.

What Is the Pool's Purpose?

Think about how the pool will be used. Do you have a serious swimmer who needs to practice regularly? Or will you use a pool mostly for exercise? A lap pool with a consistent depth may the best choice if you are primarily interested in exercise.

If children will be using the pool, consider including a deep portion and a play area.

Plan to Dehumidify

Have an expert on indoor pools help you with the design to resolve humidity issues. Roofs can collapse and mildew can build up where pools are not properly dehumidified.

Condensation build up can affect indoor pools and other parts of your home.

Consider Design Elements

Glass ceilings are attractive and help with humidity and heating issues. Elements such as a waterfalls, fountains and slides, add variety to the pool area, and don’t forget to include storage areas for accessories.

An indoor pool can be a lot of fun, but only if it is well designed. Great planning results in a great pool.