Indoor Vs. Outdoor Bug Zappers

Indoor bug zappers operate basically the same way as models designed for use outdoors. Both use a light to attract insects to an electric grid where they are killed by electrocution. The big difference stems from specific design and how eachis used.


Many indoor bug zappers are shaped like tennis racquets. They are designed to “swat” an insect—like a regular flyswatter—electrocuting it when it makes contact with electrical components.

Although it could be used outdoors, you need to be careful never to let this type of zapper get wet. This fly swatter zapper is powered by batteries, making it an exceptionally portable so it can go practically anywhere.

Dual Purpose

Many manufacturers produce high-end bug zappers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Shaped like a lamp or lantern, this type can be hung in an interior room or out on a porch or tree. Bugs are attracted to the device and electrocuted. However, the size and shape may not fit with your interior décor.


This indoor bug zapper can also act like a nightlight plugged into an electrical socket. It contains no chemicals, making it a safe alternative to many larger devices.

Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor bug zappers are usually much larger than other types. They usually contain chemicals that are used to attract flying, biting insects, specifically mosquitoes.