Industrial Commercial Siding for the Home Industrial Commercial Siding for the Home

Commercial siding is an option that is open to many homeowners as they look into what type of exterior covering they want for their home. With the many different options that are available today this can be quite overwhelming. However, industrial commercial siding is great for certain applications. The price is fairly budget friendly for do-it-yourself homeowners, but the choices of color and texture is going to be limited. 

Commercial Siding Is Tough

One of the many benefits to having commercial siding on a home is that it is tough and durable. Many commercial buildings install the siding material and do not worry about it for many years. Homeowners who choose to install the commercial siding will enjoy many years of tough exterior siding on their home.

Commercial Siding Materials

Much like a lot of residential siding options, there are different types of materials to choose from for a different look to your home. Homeowners can choose from corrugated metal siding, PVC siding, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and rubber. Another factor to these different types of materials is the different widths and colors available.

Using Commercial Siding on Home

For many homes, the use of industrial commercial siding would simply not be recommended. The look of the exterior will be cold and uninviting. However, for some types of buildings it will be quite logical. Industrial buildings that have been turned into residential lofts, large in city condos, and sleek modern architectural buildings are prime candidates for industrial commercial siding. 

Commercial Siding Use on Outbuildings

Using a PVC, fiberglass, or rubber type of commercial siding on outbuildings near your home is also a great option to think about. This siding is both durable and does not need a lot of maintenance. If you have a garage, garden shed, home office that is detached from the main house, or pool house, commercial siding options make for a budget friendly finish. 

Commercial Siding Installation

When working with the commercial siding for a home application it is much the same as with regular residential siding. Each different type of siding material requires a little different installation technique. The one big difference is that commercial siding is wider than residential siding. Instead of long, thin pieces, commercial grade siding is wider and mostly in sheets. This is so that commercial buildings can cover more space with less material. 

More Insulation Needed In Home

Most of the commercial siding that is available is not going to be very energy efficient. Before you apply the siding to the exterior of your home you must look into adding more insulation. This can be in the form of foam sheets, blown in insulation, or thicker rolled insulation. 

Better Choice for Southern Areas

For people living in the northern parts of the country, they will want to rethink the option of using commercial siding for their home. People who live in the southern areas of the country, this is a very viable option. In the warm summer days, commercial siding like metal sheets, aluminum, and PVC will help to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside. 

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