Inexpensive Bookshelf Solutions Inexpensive Bookshelf Solutions

You can find an inexpensive bookshelf to display and grant easy access to any number of books or other personal items.

Hanging Bookshelves

Hanging bookshelves can be just as inexpensive as many standard bookcases. They can be screwed into the wall and mounted with a board and some braces, or they can be hung from the ceiling. Some hanging bookshelves are made of sturdy material like wood, while other styles can be made of wire that supports the books at an angle. New "invisible" styles are small L-shaped pieces that hold a few stacked books, making them appear to float against the wall. Look for other unique designs that suit your personal style and the available space of your home.

Baker's Racks and Carts

Iron baker's racks or carts are generally used in the kitchen to store and display serving ware and other cooking items, like cookbooks. Consider adding other types of books to display them in the other rooms of the house. Use bookends to prevent them from falling over or sliding out. Smaller freestanding racks can beplaced on any surface.


Use bookends to turn any fireplace mantel or general shelf into a bookshelf. Buy decorative bookends that complement the style of your home, or use objects you already have to hold up the books, like potted plants, figurines or even picture frames. Bookends are also available in very simple styles that all but disappear under the books.


Find a use for those small or narrow shelves. Consider laying the books flat and stacking them on top of each other rather than lining them up side by side. Keep in mind that many of your books may be simply for show, like reference books or old classics. Maximize use of your space by storing these books in a stack. Since weight can damage books, be sure to keep the heaviest books at the bottom of the stack. Make towers of books of uniform length to create unique colorful columns on your shelves.

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