Inexpensive Closet Door Storage Ideas Inexpensive Closet Door Storage Ideas

Closet door storage can help you take a messy closet and get it in shape in no time. Many of these door hanging methods will hang on the back or the front of the door and provide some much needed space for overstuffed closets.

Shoes can be stored in these closet door storage devices and get them up off of the closet floor and out of the way. Your shoes will be kept clean and tidy when they are stored in these over the door devices.

Some closet door storage can be an extension that allows you to hang some items right from the closet door. This is a good place to hang purses or belts so that they can be easily found when you need them.

Aside from closet door storage, you can also purchase some storage boxes for sweaters and other items that are attractive and free up some of the space on the closet rod. When you are limited on the amount of space in your closet, storing the clothes that are out of season and only keeping the ones you are wearing is a good way to save space.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to organize your closet. Closet door storage is a way to use some of the space in the closet that would not be used in any other way.

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