Inexpensive Ways to Turn an Old Skateboard into College Dorm Furniture Inexpensive Ways to Turn an Old Skateboard into College Dorm Furniture

What You'll Need
Socket wrench
Crack filler
Putty knife
Model paint
Small paint brush
Picture hanging assembly units
Shelving supports
Wood glue

Old skateboards can be used as unique additions to any college dorm furniture.

    Step One - Gathering Your Skateboards

    Gather your own old skateboards. Consider taking a visit to any yard sales and thrift shops in the area to purchase more boards. 

    Step Two - Cleaning Your Skateboards

    Use the socket wrench to remove the wheels. Thoroughly clean the top and bottom of the board. Examine the boards for any cracks. Use the putty knife and the filler to mend any cracks you find. Use the model paint to touch up any chipped paint or change the entire color and design on your board. 

    Step Three - Hanging Your Skateboards

    Use the picture hanging assemblies to hang the skateboards like artwork in a creative pattern on the walls. Attach the shelving supports to the wall and place your boards on top. Your boards will be both decorative and functional.

     Step Four - Decorating Old Furniture

    Use the glue to attach your skateboards to any old waste containers or tables. The decorative boards will liven up any boring, outdated furniture. Try gluing some boards on a piece of plywood for a headboard. Attach the board to the wall, then place your bed in front of it.

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