Infrared Grills

Are infrared grills on your must have list? Before you go and buy one you may want to learn a bit more about them. There is no difference between gas grills and infrared grills where fuel is concerned. The real difference is in the heat.

The infrared grills have ceramic tops with their heating mechanisms hidden from sight. One advantage to the infrared grills is the extreme heat they can produce to the cooking surface. One disadvantage to the infrared grills is the fact that you can not regulate the temperature for lower heat.

Infrared Grills, is Hotter Better?

The extreme heat can produce some tasty food in record time. The even cooking surface is a plus to getting your meat perfect all the way through. If you need to slow cook something though, the infrared grills are not going to accommodate your needs. It basically boils down to, do you want to control the temperature of your cooking surface? If you do then you won’t do well when cooking with infrared grills.