Infrashine Ceramic Flat Iron

Available in Classic and Redline models, an Infrashine ceramic flat iron is a professional-grade styling tool used in homes and salons alike. The pinnacle of design and performance, Infrashine ceramic models are available in several different sizes to suit all hair types. Outfitted with many features to make their operation easy and effective, regardless of whether hair is short, long, thick or thin, there is an Infrashine ceramic flat iron ideally suited to straighten, curl, flip and otherwise tame it.

Classic and Redline Models

Included in the Infrashine Classic line are the Mini, the Original and the Large. These flat irons feature variably-sized ceramic plates of 0.5, 1 and 2 inches, respectively. The Redline comes in a single 1-inch model. Known for their quality and high performance characteristics, Infrashine ceramic flat irons cost between $70 and $150.


Infrashine ceramic flat irons heat up almost instantaneously and provide excellent heat recovery as well. Capable of reaching a temperature of over 400 degrees F, the variable temperature control function allows one to pick the right setting for their hair type. The ceramic plates release negative ions, which neutralize statically-charged hair, controlling frizz and resulting in soft, smooth locks. The far infrared heating element closes cuticle layers, sealing in moisture, giving hair a healthy, vibrant look.