Infrashine Flat Iron

With several distinct models available, the Infrashine flat iron collection brings professional-level quality into the hands of regular consumers. Versatile and precise, the Infrashine flat iron design takes into consideration the demands of salon stylists. The result is a collection of flat irons that work fast and provide even, thoroughly uniform heat at each pass. With Infrashine models, you need not subject your hair to an unpredictable performance. Equipped with numerous features that make the irons easy and safe to use, Infrashine models range in price from about $70 to $150 and come in several convenient sizes, perfect for all hair types. 


A Infrashine flat iron is used to tame unruly hair, straighten curly hair or provide stylish curls or flips. Useful for all hair types, whether short, long, coarse or delicate, Infrashine irons combine high infrared heat with pressure to style and condition hair from the inside out. Not only do they straighten curly or wavy hair, but their impressive technological features help to sterilize it and make it healthier, resulting in shinier, smoother hair. Depending on the desired look, Infrashine flat irons can add stylistic features, such as flips or curls. 

Infrashine Models

Infrashine flat irons come in 2 basic series: Classic and Redline. In the Classic series, 3 models are available, each a different convenient size. The Mini features 0.5-inch styling plates and is perfect for short hair. The Original is, more or less, the standard model. With 1-inch plates, the Original is the most versatile of the Classic line, suitable for short, medium or even long hair. Finally, the Large features 2-inch plates and is best used on long, thick or coarse hair. The Large works wonders on chemically-treated hair as well. 

The Redline series features a single model with 1-inch plates. It is the superstar of the Infrashine collection, loaded with convenient features, a high-performance infrared heating element and one-pass ionic technology. All Infrashine flat irons feature a stylish exterior design and are compact enough to fit neatly in a purse or handbag. 


Reliable and safe, Infrashine flat irons feature powerful internal heating elements that heat up fast and recover quickly. In case of accidental shutoff, you don't have to wait forever for the iron to heat back up again. The Redline flat iron, in particular, features a variable temperature control that allows one to choose the appropriate setting for their hair type. A built-in generator light pulses when the selected temperature has been reached. Choose a setting between 170 and 400 degrees F. All Infrashine flat irons are lightweight and feature a convenient swivel-base cord. 


Once the ceramic plates are superheated, they begin to release negative ions. This molecular process reduces frizziness because the ions counteract statically-charged particles in hair that cause it to stand up and frizz out. The far infrared heater closes cuticle layers, heating hair from the inside out and sealing in moisture. The effect of this technology is that hair is smoother, silkier and richly vibrant. Whether simply straightening or adding a few accents for style, Infrashine provide the best tools for the job.