In-Ground Pool Cost: What to Expect

The inground pool cost doesn’t end with the installation of a new swimming pool. While a welcome addition to almost any homeowner, many people fail to realize the true cost of owning installing a swimming pool or buying a home with an existing pool.


In-Ground Pool Installation

An in-ground pool is not something that the average person can install themselves. There is the need for equipment operators to dig the hole for the pool, permits that must be gotten based on local ordinances, and of course the installation of the pool itself.

It is for this reason that people will contact a service that specializes in the installation of swimming pools. By the time it is all said and done, the installation cost of an in-ground pool will be in the neighborhood of $25,000 or even much more than that depending upon the options, pool size, and other related factors. Once the pool has actually been installed, there are other factors to consider.


Water Cost

The additional costs begin with filling the pool. While with some installers, the initial cost of filling the pool is included in the installation, not all companies will offer this. This means the pool has to be filled by you. One way or the other, there will be costs associated with filling the pool unless you live in an area in which you use a well for water. In this case however, depending on the water tables, there is the possibility of overtaxing the well using more water than can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

This leaves your other option of hiring a service to fill your pool for you from a truck, the cost of which will vary depending on factors such as the distance the water has to be carried, etc.


Heating the Pool

The inground pool will cost you an additional estimated amount of $500 if your pool is heated, even intermittently. This may be an expense that you don’t encounter if you live in a climate that is warmer than other parts of the country.



Installing a safety fence around the pool is a necessity for most homeowners because of the dangers associated with children and perhaps those who are mentally handicapped. The number one cause of pool related accidents involving children is usually because there is no safety fence installed. This is very much a necessity. A professionally installed fence of this nature will cost into the thousands depending on the complexity of the installation. You may realize some savings in the fence installation if it is completed when the pool is actually installed. In any case, this will increase the true inground pool cost.


Increased Insurance Premiums

Your homeowners insurance will increase when you have a pool installed. Most carriers will recommend that you carry at least a $1 million dollar liability policy. This is in addition to requiring the installation of the safety fence.


In-ground Pool Maintenance

There are maintenance costs involved in the overall inground pool cost as well. These costs include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Adding water on a monthly basis
  • Cost of chemicals and other related materials in maintaining the pool and keeping the water fresh
  • Making any necessary repairs to the pool such as fixing cracks that may appear
  • Testing the water on a regular basis (you can do this yourself with a kit)
  • Cost of electric to operate the filtration system
  • Resurfacing the pool (probably every 15 years or so)

Owning a pool can be very pleasurable and rewarding to the homeowner, but it’s important to realize the true inground pool cost and everything that is involved in properly maintaining it. Proper maintenance, following a regular schedule can help to reduce these costs while failure to do so can increase the costs dramatically.