Inground Pool Deck Ideas

The inground pool deck is a useful area around your pool which is normally constructed out of wood. Swimming pool decks need to be textured so that they're not slippery. If the pool deck gets wet then it could be slippery which is why it needs to be made from the very best materials. There are a number of ideas which can help to make great inground pool decks which are practical and make very safe decks.

High Quality Materials

You must use the best quality materials to build your deck with to ensure that your pool deck lasts for as long as humanly possible. These inground deck ideas will make your deck the best quality possible.

Simple Designs

Some of the best things in life are simple and there's no reason why you should over complicate anything. Choosing simple designs can make your pool stand out and look amazing. These simple designs are affordable and great value, they also help you to focus on the pool itself and will be very popular with everyone.

These decks will normally have a raised section with stairs where people can sit and relax. The deck then goes right the way up to the edge of the pool. This makes it very easy to enter the pool. Benches and railings can also be used in your design to make the most out of your design.

Sophisticated Designs

There are also plenty of different designs that you can do to get the most out of your pool deck design possible. Some people opt for an all round the pool design. This works great if you intend on using the pool for entertaining.

Most of these are designed to allow easy access into the pool which makes them very functional. These decks can also be customized to suit any garden or yard.

A walkway can connect the deck to other sections of the garden which adds interest to the whole yard. A railing can also be incorporated to improve the look and also the safety of the pool.


There are a number of different materials which can be used to make your pool deck from. The most affordable and longest lasting material will be pressure treated lumber. This does however need to be weatherproofed every year so that it looks as good as new. You will also need to put in a lot of time cutting and installing the wooden planks.

There are composite deck planks available which look a lot like wood. These are more expensive than wood but doesn't require any maintenance and should last over 10 years. These composite materials are also quicker to install because they don't need any waterproofing after installation.

PVC Materials are also suitable for decking and railings. These materials are the most expensive options but doesn't require any maintenance. They are also quicker to install.

Decorative Designs

Decorative designs make use of wood and natural stone to create a stunning looking decking. These designs can be customized to suit any garden and pool.