In-Ground Pool Landscaping Tips

Inground pool landscaping is a way to break the monotony of concrete and pool chairs. Hiring someone to professionally design inground pool landscaping can be expensive. The upside is that anything can be done to the outside of the pool area that can tremendously enhance the look of the area. Considering there are many more inground pool landscaping options than there are for above ground pools, this article will share some tips with you to make it an easier process.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When you set out to landscape around the inground pool, you may be caught in a mindset where you feel you need to fill every inch of open space. Putting a plant or any design element in every square inch will more than likely kill anything you have planted. The roots of one plant will eventually find their way to the roots of the other plants and steal their nutrients. This, of course, will cause all of the plants to die or not flourish as they should. The solution is to make yourself analyze the space and your particular situation. Instead of six ornamental grasses, you may only really want to have two or three.

Never Underestimate Stone

Many inground pools are made from concrete, which is not the best looking material. The surrounding deck area is also concrete. With all of this drabness, many people do not want to add more decorations in the form of stone. This is understandable, but not all stone is made equal. You can use brick as an edger to break up the flow of the concrete with the plants. Thin stone tile can also be added to the concrete around the pool to create a great pattern and a stylish display.

Distance the Inground Pool Landscaping

If you have an inground pool and a small area around it, then your landscaping will take a much different turn, and your approach will have to be modified. Landscaping is usually spread out over a small distance in order to make the best impact. When you have limited space your tactics will have to change, as you do not want your landscaping sitting on top of the inground pool. Your inground pool landscaping can be modified so that it is built up and will not take away from the poolside area.

Size Matters

Inground pool landscaping doesn't have to overly extravagant or over the top. There are many products on the market you can purchase to include in your landscaping like angel statues and fountains. Though they may look great and fit well, these large pieces take up a huge portion of your area and also detract from the focal point, which should be the pool. This is why trees should be avoided when working on landscaping around a pool. Consider decorative grass and small plants that can fill in the area. Add decent mulch and maybe small accent pieces like a wagon wheel, a fountain, or fence portion, and it will not be overwhelming visually.