In-Ground Spa Design Ideas

If you want to include an inground spa for your pool design, then you need to consider carefully a number of details which will determine how you want to position your pieces. Consult with a pool specialist about the right kind of pool for your home, and then look at the number of different designs that you can use in your inground spa.

Choosing Materials

Look at the type of materials you might want to have in your spa. Do you want to have a custom-made spa, which might allow you to choose the type of stone for the tiling, or the exact position of the spa in relation to other parts of your home, or would you like a pre-fabricated one, which can be set up in a few hours, but is usually pre-cut and styled. The former will involve more planning and hard labor, while the latter is easier, but you have less freedom in the things that you choose.

Heating the Inground Spa

If you want to heat your inground spa, then you will need to plan what type of electricity will be used, and how you will get it to the pool. Modern fashions suggest that you should choose a solar heater, but you may prefer to use a generator.