In-ground Swimming Pool Construction In-ground Swimming Pool Construction

What You'll Need
Swimming pool kit
Power tools

Making your own in-ground swimming pool construction can save you approximately 30 to 40% of your total swimming pool construction expenses. Although, you will still need to employ some pool contractors to facilitate the work, you can put aside some amount and just use it for other things like hosting a pool party to have fun on your newly constructed in-ground swimming pool afterward. Here are simple steps on how to construct an in-ground swimming pool.

Step 1 – Choose the Location

Decide where you want to construct your in-ground swimming pool. Ensure to select an area which gets ample shade and sunshine during the day. Be careful of property lines, septic tank locations, trees as well as building codes once you already decide the place to construct the in-ground swimming pool.

Step 2 – Consider Your Budget

Besides, the location of the swimming pool, another big consideration is your budget. If you are on a limited budget, always determine first how much can your budget go. Then just adjust the size, style and dimension of the in-ground swimming pool depending on the budget that you have.

Step 3 – Purchase an In-ground Swimming Pool Kit

Purchase an in-ground swimming pool kit. Explore swimming pool construction online and check what types of pool kits are offered. There are several pool designs accessible with in-ground swimming pool kits, therefore decide the one that will suit the dimensions of the area you have available.

After you purchase the in-ground pool kit, bring together the pool construction supplies in one place. Go through every step to guarantee you have the entire pool equipment you need.

Step 4 – Do Excavation

Employ a plumber, a land excavator, a concrete pouring device and an electrician. Ensure they are licensed contractors who focus in pool design. Also consider the budget intended for these skilled workers.

Mark the swimming pool section perimeter with strings or with spray paint. Excavate a large hole for your swimming pool. You will need to employ a land excavator for this to ensure it is done correctly. Have the contractor excavate the locations for the shallow end, panel shelf, steps and deep end. Also, employ a professional plumber to mount the drains and finalize related plumbing jobs in the pool.

Step 5 – Construct the Pool

You need to form the excavated pool area bottom, dispense concrete to make footer, even it out then allow it to harden. Have the concrete contractor dispense the entire concrete mixture. They can use a cement truck or just transport the cement using a wheelbarrow towards the pool area. Pour in the deep end, the shallow end, and the in-ground swimming pool collar. Have the electrical and plumbing contractors finish their job on the in-ground swimming pool construction.

Step 6 – Clean Out Debris

After the in-ground swimming pool construction, you need to clean out debris and vacuum the entire area after the concrete has hardened. Normally, it takes 3 to 5 days before the concrete hardens enough. Make use of a professional vacuum to make a tight seal along the swimming pool liner.

Fill with water your newly constructed in-ground swimming pool and balance it with water chemicals. After filling the in-ground swimming pool with water, you can landscape the pool surrounding for beautification and added resort ambiance. 

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