In-Home Bachelorette Party Ideas

When you're planning a bachelorette party, ideas for decoration, games and activities will keep the party lively. If you decide to hold the party in home, there are numerous ideas that you can try. In addition to drinking games you may try a number of creative ideas that won’t necessarily result in a hungover bride.

Set a Theme

Theme parties are always more interesting and will set the mood of the party. Choose a theme that appeals to you or the bride to be (i.e. the vampire theme) and make sure all the guests know about the theme.

Even if you don’t choose a theme, it’s always fun to have a t-shirt or a few head bands for all the party participants.

The Question Game

The question game is an inexpensive idea that will require some advance preparing, but may be fun. Prepare a few question cards and make sure to include some topics that are more interesting, so that the game will be entertaining and won’t end within 10 minutes.

Choose from topics such as embarrassing moments, previous boyfriends, best experience; remember that sex questions are highly entertaining, but bear in mind that some guests may not be comfortable revealing intimate experiences.

Pole Dancing Lesson

Pole dancers and female strippers are not just for bachelor parties. Invite a pole dancer to the bachelorette party and ask her to teach the bride to be a few basic elements of pole dancing. This can be a valuable lesson for the bride and the guests as well.

Install a pole in the room where the party is held, so that the lesson can go smoothly.

Cooking Lesson

For more conventional bachelorette parties, a cooking lesson can be fun. This is the time to start cooking or baking a few delicious recipes, preferably chosen from the bride’s favorites. Prepare the ingredients needed and get a cookbook, which can also be a gift for the bride.

Make sure you know how to prepare the dishes, or get the help of a professional cook. Getting a professional cook can have many benefits, as you and the bride to be can get valuable cooking tips.

Meet the Psychic

Getting a psychic to join your party can be a fun idea. The psychic can tell you the future. Even if you don’t believe in these things, this activity can be quite entertaining for a bunch of friends.


If you are interested in having some creative fun, why not paint at the bachelorette party? Firstly, you will have to cover the walls with foil and buy some paints, canvases and brushes for everyone.  

You don’t have to be a genius to create some abstract paintings, try using your palms, fingers, drip color on the canvases and you can obtain some nice effects. You may get a short guide or even hire an arts student to help you.

The paintings can also be a great souvenir for the bride, so that she will always remember the party.