How to Install a Bathtub Valve How to Install a Bathtub Valve

What You'll Need
Plumbers tape
Adjustable crescent wrench
Bathtub valve

A bathtub valve is easy to install and can be purchased at almost any hardware store or home improvement center.

Step 1 - Shut Off the Water

Shut off the water supply to the pipe where you are installing the valve.

Step 2 - Locate the Hot and Cold Water Supplies

Identify and locate the pipes that brings in the hot water and the pipe that brings in the cold water.

Step 3 - Connect the Pipes

Connect the water pipes to the hot and cold ports on the bathtub valve. Apply at least 2 wraps of plumbers tape around each of the connections to prevent leaks and seal the connection. Initially connect the water supply to the ports by hand. then tighten the connections with the crescent wrench.

Step 4 -Attach the Face Plate

Attach the face plate to the front of the bathtub wall with the screws included in your valve kit.

Step 5 - Open the Water Supply

Turn the water supply to the bathtub back on. Turn on the bathtub water and run both hot and cold to test the connection.

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