Install a Cable Outlet in a Finished Wall

An alternative to drilling holes in floors and running cables along the baseboards to your cable box is to install a cable outlet in your wall. Many new homes are built with these outlets already in place, but older homes do not. Installing a cable outlet in your finished wall is a simple, 30-minute project.

Cut Hole in Wall

Set the electrical box you will use to house the cable outlet against the wall where you want to mount it. Trace around the bottom of the box with a pencil. Using a drywall saw, push the pointed edge into the wall at the corner and then carefully saw along the outline.

Set in Electrical Box

Once the hole is cut you can set the electrical box inside the hole. Fish the cable wire through to the hole and leave it hanging out a few inches. Push out the plastic tabs in the back of the box and thread the cable through. Slide the box inside the hole and secure with the mounting screws in the corners. When you turn them, little tabs will swing out and grab the drywall. As you screw them in they will get tighter making for a solid installation.

Put Cover On

Connect the cable to the cable outlet cover and then screw into the box into the center of the face plate.