Install a Carport Gate

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Installing a gate on your carport is easy and can add another level of protection to your home. Because you already have a free standing carport, you can easily attach a gate to the front supports. This eliminates the hassle of digging holes and pouring concrete. For this project, you will be using a metal chain link gate with two moveable “doors."

Step 1—Take Measurements

Before you purchase a gate for your carport, you will need to take measurements. You will need to know the distance between the two front supports of the carport. This is where you will be attaching the gate posts. You will need to determine the desired height of the gate and take a measurement for that as well. Because you will be installing a double gate, you will need to determine the width of each gate by finding half the distance between the front supports of the carport. 

Step 2—Attach Post on Left Side

Now that you have an accurately measured gate, you can begin installing it. It is going to be easiest to work with one side at a time. Locate the post for the left side of the gate. Use your drill to attach the post to the front support on the left side of the carport. You may need to use a bolt of some sort to add extra strength to the connection. 

You should purchase the necessary hardware from the same place that you purchased the gate. This will ensure that the hardware is suitable for the gate. 

Step 3—Install Hinges and Gate

With the left post attached to the carport, install the hinges and place the chain link gate in place. You will need to be careful not to damage the gate as you are installing it. It may be rather heavy. Therefore, you might want to get a friend to help with this part. 

Step 4—Repeat on Right Side

You will need to do the same thing on the right side of the gate. Attach the post, using your drill. It is very important that you line up the two posts perfectly. Otherwise, the gate will not close properly. You can mark the supports before you begin installing the first gate posts. If you do this you will know exactly where to drill the holes.You should use a level when marking the supports just to be sure. 

You will then install the hinges and place the gate on the right side. Again, you should have a friend help with parts as a metal chain link fence can be rather heavy. 

Step 5—Check Gate Functions

Now that the gate is installed, you should check the functions. You want to make sure that the gate swings open and closed properly. Also make sure that the gate is not scraping on the ground.

Once you have checked the gate functions, you can add security tape through the open links of the fence, if you want to block the view of your vehicle.

That’s it. You have now added a chain link gate to your carport and added additional security.