Install A Closet Hanging Rod

Installing a closet hanging rod allows you to hang clothes and other storage items in your closet by saving floor space. Here is what you need to know to make sure your closet hanging rod installation is a success.

Materials and Tools

Purchase the closet hanging rod and closet organizing system that you want to work at any home improvement retailer. Read the instructions to find out what type of tools you will need. You are definitely going to want to use a stud finder to find studs in the walls for installation.  Other tools you will end up needing are going to depend largely on what type of closet hanging rod you buy and which materials are provided.

The Process

You need to know how much weight your closet rod needs to support when choosing a closet hanging rod for your closet. Closet hanging rods are built in a variety of styles and materials from heavy wooden poles to simple tension rods. Make sure that the supports for your closet hanging rod are properly secured in wall studs.

Next, inspect the area where the rod supports will be attached. If you are working with a wooden closet hanging rod, then you are typically going to install round plates capable of attaching flat to the wall. Choose appropriate hardware that allows you to attach supports to each of the walls. There are  several different types of anchors you can use to attach to drywall, plaster, wood, masonry, brick or any other type of material that you have.

Choose a Rod

Now you should choose a rod that is adjustable so it will fit properly into your closet space. You may also decide to have a wooden rod custom cut to fit.

Choose the proper height to hang your rod depending on the length of your clothing or if you will hang multiple rods. You should also take this time to choose the proper depth for your rod, which is how far forward it will hang in comparison to the back of your closet. Make sure that all of your measurements are accurate before you go about installing the rod in your closet.

Keep in mind that carefully measuring and building your closet hanging rod in your closet ensure better results in the end.