Install a DJ Booth in Your Basement

Creating a home DJ booth in a basement can be a fun way of creating a home entertainment area. A DJ booth is rarely an actual booth, but instead is a place where all of the DJ and sound mixing equipment is centrally located and the DJ can sit behind the table and spin their tunes.

Creating the DJ Area


Step 1

Determine where in the basement you want to install the booth. Be aware that you will want to locate the DJ booth where there is no competing noisy appliances (refrigerators, furnaces, etc). You should also make sure that the space has access to necessary electrical outlets.

Step 2

Set aside a large wood table. This table should be solid enough to hold all of the DJ equipment needed, including CD player, mixer and at least two turn tables. A good source for inexpensive tables is consignment stores and bargain retailers.

Step 3

Place all of the equipment on top of the table. Connect the various cables to the equipment. Place the speakers in the basement. Attach the speaker cables to the mixer and other equipment.

Step 4

Place a sound amplifier in the space. Connect the amplifier to the speaker system and the mixer.

Step 5

Use the sound mixer to mix your own music and play it over the sound system and amplifier.