Install a Fireback in a Gas Fireplace

A fireback is both a functional and decorative accessory that can help maintain the structure of the fireplace and increase heat output. It is relatively easy to install.

What Is a Fireback?

A fireback is a piece of cast iron that is designed to reflect heat back into the room where the fireplace is located, instead of letting the heat be absorbed into the back brick masonry of the fireplace. They were originally designed for wood fireplaces. However, expanded technology now makes it possible to install a fireback in gas fireplaces.

Step 1

Remove everything from the inside of the fireplace, including the gas burner and faux logs.

Step 2

Sweep and vacuum out the fireplace and remove any ashes, dirt or debris.

Step 3

Place the fireback into place at the back of the fireplace. You will probably need help with this since firebacks are typically extremely heavy and weigh several hundred pounds.

Step 4

Position the fireback so that it leans against the back of the fireplace. It should be centered inside the opening and if it appears small inside the fireplace, use a couple of bricks to prop the fireback higher in the space.

Step 5

You will need to make the fireback stable for safety. Use Saf-T-Boots to hold the fireback in place at any desired angle. These boots are designed to support firebacks of any size and weight.