Install A Fireplace Grate Heater In 8 Steps

What You'll Need
Grate Heater
Utility Knife
Philips Head Screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver


With the right how-to information you can install a fireplace grate heater yourself in a few short steps. Fireplaces and woodstoves are not as cumbersome to work on as you may think. It is true, however, as with all plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilating work that you have to follow the instructions or risk damage to the components.

Fireplaces are wonderfully atmospheric and add a level of charm to any home, but all too often the heat generated from the fire escapes right out the chimney. A fireplace grate heater is an excellent way to utilize that heat. The heater works in such a way that it draws in cool air from the room, heats it in the wood-burning fire, and projects it back into the room. You will need to follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions, but this general step-by-step process will offer some basic guidelines.

Step 1-Measure the Firebox

Make sure that the grate heater will work with the dimensions of your firebox. Fireplace grate heaters will work with most masonry fireplaces, but you will want to make some measurements before you purchase the heater.

Step 2-Insert Grate Heater

Insert the grate heater into the firebox. The riser bar is the component containing the air intake and outlet vents. Position the riser bar so that the glass doors, if present, will rise by as much as 1-3/8 inches. If there are no glass doors, the installation process is the same.

Step 3-Install the Extender Bars

Affix the extender bars that are provided to the riser or heat exchanger with the screws provided.

Step 4-Center the Heat Exchanger

Make sure the heat exchanger is centered in the fireplace opening. If there are glass doors, make sure they are centered as well.

Step 5-Adjust Extenders as Necessary

Make any necessary adjustments to the extenders to make the riser bar the same width as the enclosure.

Step 6-Position the Cord Sheild

The cord shield is a barrier that, with the right-side extender bar, protects the power cord from heat exposure. This needs to be positioned such that it is firmly attached to the extender through which the cord snakes, making any necessary cuts to get it to the right size.

Step 7-Plug-In the Power Cord

Plug the projecting power cord into the nearest outlet. Make sure this is plugged in at all times when a fire is burning so the fan can run or else it may damage the motor.

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, these directions may have to be modified a little, but they work as a general rule. Once your fireplace grate heater is installed, enjoy the atmosphere of a fire and the warmth it produces.