Install a Fireplace Pull Screen Safely and Swiftly Install a Fireplace Pull Screen Safely and Swiftly

Follow these simple guidelines to install a fireplace pull screen quickly and safely.

Select the Size

Screens are available in standard sizes. Measure the dimensions of the opening of your fireplace and add a couple inches on all sides. Choose the next size up. This will ensure that your curtain is neither too small nor too large. The new screen should extend beyond the edges of the fireplace and stop flying ash and sparks from falling on you and the carpets. 

Install the Fixtures

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the mounting rod above the fireplace opening. While fixing the mounting rod, make sure that the overhanging on the vertical sides are equal. Arrange the mesh screen, metal grill and the screen pull handles according to the guidelines in the instruction booklet that came along with the product.

Final touches

Pull the handles and slide the screen into place in front of the fireplace. Ensure all the all fittings are properly fixed.




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