Install a Flat Fireplace Screen in 3 Steps

The installation of a flat fireplace screen is very easy does not require a great amount of effort on your part. Follow these guidelines to quickly and easily install your flat fireplace screen.

Measure the Opening
Although the screens come in standard sizes, you want to be sure your fireplace is not particularly large or small so that it is completely covered by the screen. Be sure the screen will extend past the interior edge of the fireplace so that no ash or sparks can escape.

Install the Feet

Flat screens for fireplaces have no curves or panels to keep them upright on their own, so they need feet installed on the bottom to maintain stability. Each screen is different, so be sure to follow instructions for that particular screen. Ideally, the feet will fit inside of your fireplace opening so that you have a nice, snug fit for the screen.

Place the Screen

Slide the screen into place in the fireplace. If the flat screen is the ideal size, the feet will slide into the fireplace opening, and the screen portion will extend an inch or a little more on each side of the fireplace opening. Put the screen flush against the wall.