Install A Foam Floor In A Kids' Room

What You'll Need
Foam flooring of your choice
Utility Knife
Carpet tape
Measuring Tape

A kids room will greatly benefit from having a foam floor. This flooring is not only comfortable and soft, but it also adds a new dimension for you to decorate your room.

Many home owners install their foam floors in playrooms and even on basement floors where the kids can have their own play area. These foam floors are incredibly durable, easy to clean, and spill proof. There is a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs for the foam floor which makes it easy to match to any decor. Depending on what your child likes, you can have letters, designs, cars, dinosaurs, colors, and even sports teams as designs on the foam floors.

A Big Puzzle

For the most part, installing a foam floor is much like putting together a puzzle. Foam floors come with interlocking joints that make them much more stable, and less likely to come apart from use.

Step One

Clean the entire subfloor of the area you are going to be working in. You can install the foam floor on any type of hard surface, but it needs to be clean of any residue, oils, nails, or splinters.

Step Two

Take the time to lay out the foam floor tiles in the way you want them. Resist the temptation to begin laying them down permanently right at the beginning. You might see that they way you originally planned the floor does not look quite right.

Leave at least 18 inches all the way around the room for the border tiles. Position the floor in the middle so that there are equal amounts of a floor all the way around the room so the border tile installation will be much smoother.

This step is important so you will get the exact pattern that you want for the children's play area.

Step Three

Measure the remaining floor space and transfer these measurements to the border tiles. Cut them down to size using the utility knife and a straight edge. Once these are cut to size, then install them along the entire outside edge of the room, or play area.

Step Four

When you are absolutely sure you have the right configuration you want for your foam floor, then begin to adhere them to the floor for a permanent fixture.

Pull up each border tile and place double sided carpet tape onto floor. Use tape for each corner of the tile and the middle area. Press the tile back into place and apply pressure to it to create a stronger bond. Repeat this process all the way around the room.

Do not adhere the middle tiles to the floor. This way you still have the option of changing them out or rearranging them for a new look.