Install a Gate Lock to Improve Perimeter Security Install a Gate Lock to Improve Perimeter Security

What You'll Need
Gate lock of choice

A Gate lock can serve a number of purposes. You might be considering getting a gate lock to keep your children or pets inside the yard so that they do not roam around outside and expose themselves to harm. Another reason might be that you want to enhance the security f your home. With security almost becoming a basic need in our lives nowadays, installing a gate lock is important in ensuring you are safe in your own home. The gate is the main entry point to your home, and it should, therefore, be the most secure.

If you want to make sure that your perimeter is secure, you will have to install a high quality gate lock. It might be costly, but in the end, you and your family can sleep in peace knowing that you are safe. Using this guide, you can have your gate lock installed and your security ensured in no time.

Step 1 – Preparation

Measure an appropriate distance of your choice from the bottom and top to the center of the gate, where the gate lock will be installed. When you are deciding on an appropriate place to attach the gate lock, keep in mind that you want to be able to access it from the inside and the outside as well.

To ensure maximum security, do not enable children to have access to the lock, as they can easily let someone in.

Step 2 – Mark Screw Holes

Align the lock’s screw holes, and mark them onto the gate using a pencil. These marks act as a guide while you are installing the locks to avoid crooked results.

Step 3 – Screwing

Place the anchor part onto the fence posts and drill the screws into place using the marks made. The number of screws you use varies depending on the type of gate lock in use. Make sure that the screws are tight enough such that the anchor is firmly attached.

Next, attach the arm of the gate lock onto the gate with the marked screw holes as your guide. Drill the screws onto the gate and ensure that the arm is firmly attached. There should be no space for it to move.

Step 4 –Confirm that they fit

Confirm that the anchor and the arm fit into each other by closing the door and securing the lock. This process should be easy, but if you encounter any difficulties, reattach either the arm or the anchor. Once you are sure that they fit perfectly, check that they are firm.

Extra Tip

  • Pay attention to details. Do not leave room for intrusion. Ensure that your gate lock cannot be breached.
  • To be sure that your security is error proof, it is advisable to build or install a back up security system.
  • When it comes to maintenance, you want your lock to last as long as possible without needing a replacement. An anti-sag feature can be installed to prevent the lock from slumping.

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