Install a Hands-Free Closet Door Switch

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Many of the automatic light switches that you can use will work when the closet door handles are engaged. Installing a hands-free light switch in your closet is not as complicated as it sounds. They automatically turn the lights off when the closet door is closed again. These are a handy choice when you find yourself fumbling around in the dark looking for something in the closet. The off feature also helps to make sure that the lights are turned off when the closet door is closed.

Motion Detector Light Switches

There are motion detector light switches that operate in the same way as the lights you use on the exterior of the home. When motion is detected in the closet or on the outside of the closet, the light will switch on. This can be activated by moving the closet door handles.

There are also automatic light switches that operate with a beam of light. When the beam is broken, the light switch is activated. When the beam is intact, the light switch turns off. These are a good choice for standard size closets as you will be right in the line of the beam at all times when you are standing in front of the closet.

Magnetic Switches

Another type of automatic light switch for your closet is a magnetic switch that is installed right in the door jamb. When the door handles are turned, and the door is opened, the light is activated by the magnetic switch. These can be found in any electronics store and can be adapted for use with a light switch. They are typically used for alarm systems, but you can also use them for your closet lights.

Manual Light Switch

If you are creative, you can pull a light switch on when the closet door handles are engaged. This may not be the fanciest light switch system, but it will do the trick. You will still have to make sure that you switch the light off before you close the closet door, however.

There are a number of choices available to you when you are looking for a hands-free lighting system for your closets. Many of them will use the motion of the closet door handles to engage the system. When you are fumbling around in the dark for your clothing or the light switch, these systems can be a wonderful addition to the home.

You will also save energy when you are using an automatic system that turns off when the closet doors are closed. This is one of the biggest problems with light switches. Many times, people forget to turn the lights off when they are finished in the closet.

Installing lights in a closet will require you to make sure that you are not causing a safety hazard. You will have to install lights that do not have a fire risk because of an exposed incandescent light bulb. Use fluorescent bulbs in your closet to avoid the risk in your closet.