Install A Kitchen Cabinet Valance In Three Steps

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A kitchen cabinet valance is a piece of wood that hangs in the space between two other cabinets. These features are great to hide cabinet light fixtures or just give your kitchen a more finished look. Add a valance to the cabinets over your sink or in between wall cabinets to give it the appearance of continuity.

Step 1- Measuring

Measure the space between the cabinets where you are going to install the valance. If the valance you’ve chosen has a design that will be the center focal point, make sure it will be perfectly centered. You can use a framing square to get accurate numbers.

Step 2 - Use Cleats

Use cleats to attach the valance to the cabinets. You should have one cleat at the top of the cabinet behind the frame face and another one for the other side of the valance.

Step 3 - Set the Valance

Place the valance up against the cleats. Attach the valance to the cleats using drywall screws. Don’t use too much pressure as you drill because this can pull away from the cleat from the cabinet. Go over your work and make any necessary adjustments.