Install a Marble Hearth and Wood Fireplace Surround Part 2

Lead Image for Install a Marble Hearth and Wood Fireplace Surround Part 2
What You'll Need
Tape measure, pencil, papers
Marble slab
Mortar and thinset
Gloves and boots

If your dream is to have an elegant-looking room, installing a marble hearth with a wood fireplace surround is often a good choice. It is actually possible to create one on your own, even with a limited budget. You even have the choice to use the prefabricated fireplaces instead, to help you avoid the hassle.

Step 1 – Install the Hearth

The hearth area should be around the fireplace. Before you finalize everything, make sure that your measurements are correct so that the hearth stays at the center. Then, prepare your mortars and adhesives so that you can place the marble tiles. Make sure you put some cloth around your work area for easier cleanup and for a place to rest tools .

Step 2 – Putting on the Tiles

If you want to place marble tiles for your hearth, you first have to make sure that you complete all necessary requirements. You will need to prepare the tiles first. Dry and cut them to fit. Then, spread the thinset.

Next, set out the tile and fill out all the space you want to cover with the marble tile. You can grout the joints and clean up any mess from that part of the project.

Step 3 – Prepare the Wood Mantel

Take out the mantel that you will need for your wood fireplace surround. Have them positioned to the wall, the way they should look, making sure that they are centered to the opening of the fireplace.

Step 4 – Nail the Mounting Boards and Mantels

Securely nail the mounting boards. When that is done, you can start installing the wood mantels. You should start seeing how your wood fireplace surround will look once it is done. You also have the option to paint the mantels before getting them into the final installation phase.

Step 5 – Place a Scribe Molding

You may see a gap between the facing of the material, which is the marble and the mantel legs. To close this gap, put on a scribe molding and have them nailed to the leg of the mantel. Just be sure to put some pressure on the leg when you are hammering the scribe molding out to prevent it from getting out of the mounting brackets.

Installing a wood fireplace surround and making a room look elegant and sophisticated is not as difficult as it looks. It also doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you do the project on your own. However, if you are not confident in your own skills, you can always hire a professional or get prefabricated fireplaces instead.