Install a Metal Saddle on a Carpet Threshold

What You'll Need
Fine-tip marker
Measuring tape
3/32-inch drill bit

A carpet threshold is often used to transition between a carpeted area and other surfaces, from living room to bathroom, for example. This carpet threshold transition is created with a metal saddle. Creating a carpet threshold is not a difficult job and one that you can do. The following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Determine the Right Metal Saddle

The type of carpet you have as well as the material you are transitioning to is important when purchasing a metal saddle for the carpet threshold. The package of the saddle will tell you what it is meant for. Make sure you purchase the right one.

Step 2 – Sizing

Measure the length of the carpet threshold where the metal saddle will be placed. Always double check the measurement and then transfer it to the metal saddle using the marker. Cut it with the saw. Check the fit and adjust as needed.

Step 3 – Installation

Place the metal saddle over the carpet threshold with the metal teeth on the carpet side. Make sure it is centered. Measure in an inch from each side and mark it. Measure every 6 inches from these marks. Create pilot holes and then affix with the enclosed screws.