Install a One-Piece Bathroom Sink and Countertop Part 2 Install a One-Piece Bathroom Sink and Countertop Part 2

In Part 1 this guide to installing a bathroom sink and countertop, you learned how to attach the sink faucet and fittings to the countertop and install the plumbing for the drains. In Part 2, you will learn how to fit the drain plug, put the cabinet vanity into position and then caulk and screw in the bathroom sink countertop set before securing it to the vanity. This is not a very difficult project, and you should be able to complete this task within a few hours using only basic tools.

Step 5 - Fit the Drain Plug

Before going any further, you will need to add the drain plug. There are a number of different styles of drain plug, perhaps the most familiar being the pop-up stopper. This plug has a connection to the drain, and can be moved up and down by pressing a button on the top of the plug.

To install, unscrew the metal connection of your pop-up stopper from the rubber part. You should have the plug in one hand and a long metal attachment in the other. Push the long piece of metal up through the drain, and connect it to the top of the plug by screwing together manually. The plug should be attached to the drain. Press the button on the top to make it seal and unseal against the drain fitting.

Step 6 - Install the Vanity Cabinet

Take up the pieces of the vanity cabinet on which your sink and countertop will be placed. These usually come with assembly instructions, so you should screw all the connections together, following the maker's guidelines. Once the cabinet has been made, you can then install it onto the wall using the shelf brackets that will come with the vanity kit. You can put the brackets onto the vanity and then screw them to the wall from the inside.

Step 7 - Adding the Sink and Countertop

When you are ready, and once you have help, take up the sink and countertop from the sawhorses on which they have been resting, and take them over to the vanity cabinet. Place the sink and countertop on the very top of the cabinet, allowing the pipes and attachments from the sink to pass behind the vanity. Add a layer of caulk to the back of the sink and top, and push them against the wall. Position the counter top carefully, so that it is secure.

Step 8 - Screwing the Countertop Together

Once the sink and countertop is in position, you can then start to screw it to the vanity cabinet, This will involve screwing up through the cabinet and into the countertop, which can be a difficult procedure, but can be managed if you do this very carefully. Screw the screws in without piercing the surface of the countertop.

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