Install a Patio Swing Canopy in 3 Steps

What You'll Need
Patio Swing Canopy
Instructions for Installing Patio Swing Canopy
Screwdriver or Pliers
Tape Measure
Drill (if necessary)
Nuts and Bolts

A patio swing canopy provides cover for the owner of a patio swing. This cover is good on hot sunny days in order to provide you with shade. It can also help protect the swing from the elements such as rain or wind and other weather conditions.  

Installing a patio swing cover should only require a few steps to accomplish. This depends on whether the patio swing you own has a cover for it or if you have to customize a canopy for use. Once this determination is made, it would be helpful to follow any instructions that came with the canopy in order to install it properly.

Step 1: Purchase a Patio Swing Canopy

The first logical step in installing a patio swing canopy would be getting a patio swing canopy.  If the patio swing set that you own does not come with a canopy, you will need to find a generic type of canopy that is suitable for your swing. The canopy that you find should cover the swing completely and be able to be attached to it with screws or bolts.

Go to a home improvement or garden supply store in order to locate a canopy for your patio swing. You may be best served going directly to the manufacturer to determine if a custom patio swing canopy exists that you can order. This will make the installation process simpler and less cumbersome for you. Use a tape measure to determine the exact dimensions of the patio swing. If the manufacturer does not have a custom canopy, you will need to purchase one from the store that has to be customized for your patio swing.

Step 2: Placing the Canopy on the Patio Swing

Once you have the patio swing canopy, determine how to attach it to the swing. In most cases, the canopy should have side mounts or supports that can be attached to the swing. If is a custom canopy, the supports will fit on the swing with little effort other than you screwing or bolting it into place.  

If the canopy is not a custom one, drill holes into the side of the patio swing in order to mount the canopy. Drill at least 2 holes on all sides of the swing where the canopy post will rest. Drill matching holes into the canopy posts and place bolts through the posts and swing to secure. Tighten with washers and wing nuts for a secure fit using the pliers and screwdriver, if necessary.

Step 3: Test the Canopy’s Durability

Pull on the canopy with several thrusts in order to determine if it is attached securely to the patio swing. The last thing that you would want to happen is to have someone sitting on the swing and the canopy coming down on top of them because of improper installation.