Install A Prehung Door Install A Prehung Door

There is no doubt that knowing how to install a prehung door can make home remodeling projects easier and fast.  Prehung doors can make your finish work easier and you can be assured that your door will be plumb and have all of the hardware already installed.  Whether you are thinking about installing an interior door or an exterior door, the steps are basically the same.

•    Measuring Tape
•    Wood Putty
•    Hammer
•    Nails
•    Carpenter Square
•    Level
•    Shims

Step 1
First you need to measure the opening for the door you wish to install. Measure the width and height of the door as well as the thickness of the surrounding wall. Double check your measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Take this information with you to your home improvement center and choose a door in a style that you like that fits your budget.

Step 2

Place the prehung door in the door opening and use shims to hold it in place. At this point you should begin centering the door within the opening. As you get the door in place, begin filling in any spaces between the door frame and the framing around the door opening with shims. This will hold the door frame in place and also keep the door from warping as you begin to anchor it into place.

Step 3
Using your level and carpenter square, make sure the the door is level and plumb and square in place.

Step 4
Starting on the hinge side of the door, begin nailing the door in place, taking care not to drive the nails all the way in, since at this point you are only temporarily attaching the door frame.

Double check the plumb of the door with the carpenter square and level. Open and close the door a few times and make any necessary adjustments to the shims. Then finish attaching the frame.

Step 5
Now attach the casing and molding around the door jamb around the entire door frame to complete the installation of the prehung door.

Use wood putty to fill in and cover the nails, then sand the putty flush. Now you are ready to paint or stain your door.

The same process applies whether you are hanging an interior door or an exterior door. You may find that you need a bit of help getting the door in place initially, and it is always good to have an extra set of hands to help if you run into an unexpected problem.

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