Install a Quartz Countertop Install a Quartz Countertop

What You'll Need
Painter's tape
Silicone sealant
Caulking gun
Construction adhesive
Tape measure
Diamond blade
Circular saw
Spray bottle
Work gloves

A quartz countertop is an extremely popular to use in a modern kitchen remodel. Quartz is heat, scratch and stain resistant, and has a nice, sleek finish to it. It is extremely durable, and is a timeless material that will continue to look great in your kitchen for years to come. It can be custom made to fit into your dream kitchen, and is easy to install on your own. If you are considering installing this type of countertop in your kitchen, there are a few steps that you can take to make the process go smoothly. Here is a guide that can help.

Step 1 - Measure

Begin by measuring the space, to determine what size countertop needs to be installed. When measuring, take into account the size of the backsplash, and how much room you will need to leave for it. You will have to buy a slab of quartz countertop either to the same size of the area, or a little larger that can be cut down. If you find one that needs to be trimmed or cut, mark where to cut on the quartz with painter's tape.

Step 2 - Cut Countertop

Now that you have marked where you need to cut on the quartz countertop slab, you can prepare the saw. Attach the diamond blade, and plug it in to an outlet near by. Be sure before plugging it in that the saw is off, so no one gets injured. Put on safety gloves and goggles, to protect yourself for the remainder of this project while you work. Begin on one end of the countertop with the saw. Turn it on, line it up and then use the spray bottle to get it damp. The water will help to prevent any burning that the heat from the saw may cause, as well as keep the dust fromobscuring the mark you made. Press the saw into the quartz, and follow the mark. You will need to push down and forward while you cut through the material. Take your time, so you get it done right on the first try. When you are finished, measure each side, to make sure that you have cut it evenly.

Step 3 - Install Countertop

Line up the countertop on the surface, to make sure that it fits properly. Remove it when you know that you have the correct size. Apply the construction adhesive to the top of the surface, and carefully and evenly place the counter on it. Be sure to leave room for a back splash. Use a level to make sure that you have it on properly. Then, fill the caulking gun with the silicone. Apply the silicone to the back of the wall, and mount the back splash. Use caulk to fill in any seams, and then wipe off the excess and allow it to dry.

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