Install a Roll-Up Door for Extra Security Install a Roll-Up Door for Extra Security

The garage roll-up door raises and lowers smoothly and efficiently. If your existing door has been damaged, you may need to replace it. But You'll need to know certain things about these doors and the correct process for installing them.

Attaching Weatherstripping

To prevent the intrusion of rain or snow—and even rodents such as mice—into your garage, you'll need weatherstripping on the bottom edge of your garage door. This weatherstripping will need to be flexible enough to allow it to follow any curves or contours of your garage floor that this strip rests on when the door is closed. You should attach the stripping to the bottom edge of your lower door panel.

Attaching Hinges

As your door raises, each panel will follow your installed rail and will then change positions and move horizontally along your door track. This means each panel will need hinges that connect it to the next panel. These hinges will allow each panel to change directions without breaking the panel above or below it. This, then, is when you'll need to install hinges on your first panel's top edge.

Assembling the Door Tracks

Tracks that guide your door as it raises, then moves parallel with the ceiling, come in three types of pieces: vertical, horizontal and curved. Using the instructions provided in your roll-up door kit, you will need to assemble these pieces.

Attaching Brackets and Rollers

By referring to your roll-up door kit instructions, you will be able to attach all brackets and rollers needed on your first panel.

Aligning Tracks and Rollers

One side of the vertical track of your first panel should now be aligned with rollers at one side of your door; then rollers on the opposite side should be aligned. This procedure will be the same for the second panel.

Connecting Panels

Before connecting the first and second panels, you must connect the rollers to the second door panel as you did with the first panel. Then by lifting the second panel so it's positioned above the first panel, you will be able to align the rollers with the vertical track and install the hinges that will connect these two panels. Use this same procedure for the third panel. You can then connect the track by adding the curved and horizontal pieces on both sides of the roll-up door.

Installing the Track Hanger

You will now need to install a track hanger to support the track's horizontal section. You can usually attach this hanger to the wall near the horizontal track by using screws and a screwdriver. You can then install the hanger on the far side of the roll-up door.

Finishing the Installation

By using the procedure outlined above, you can attach the remaining panels.

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