Install a Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal Roof

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Metal plates
Mounting clips
Silicone caulk tube
Caulk gun
Chalk line
Screw gun

A number of homeowners these days prefer to have a standing seam metal roof covering their houses. The modern and elegant design that comes with the raised section of the metal plates gives ones home an instant new look without exorbitant costs. It will also allow homeowners to use to the maximum potential of their roofing since metal roofing has higher resistance to degradation than other roofing materials. The inclusion of snap lock panels also add up to the clean appearance of the roof as it keeps hidden fasteners used in between metal panels. Although it may seem to be a challenging task to accomplish a clean result in installing a standing seam metal roof with snap lock, but it can actually be done without the assistance of a professional. Here are the steps to help you.

Step 1 – Marking the Spot for the Positioning Of the Metal Panels

Using a tape measure, measure the width of one metal panel and mark it on the roof beginning from the roof’s edge. Mark these spots with pencil for reference later. Continue marking until you cover the whole roof. Delineate the edge of the first metal plate to the next by creating a straight line from one width to another. Use a chalk line to accomplish this. Parallel to the chalk line, create another line that is six inches from the bottom edge of the roof. Create parallel lines until you reach the ridge of the roof. Each parallel mark should be 16 inches apart.

Step 2 – Setting Up 1 Metal Panel

Start with 1 piece of metal panel first. Using the line earlier marked, position the panel based on the marked spot. The side of the metal panel with groove should be positioned in the line that was made by the chalk line.

Step 3 – Setting the Mounting Clip

On the pencil mark found on the metal panel, align the mounting clips. The center portion of the mounting clips should correspond to the pencil mark. The front edge of the mounting clip should be facing the line created by the chalk line. Secure the mounting clips by inserting screws on its holes. Install mounting clips to all the pencil marks of the metal panel. This then secures the grooved side of the metal panel.

Step 4 – Setting the Caulk on the Female Side of the Metal Panel

The caulk will be attached to the female side of the metal sheet or that side without the groove. For it to be attached, the caulk tube containing the caulk has to be open first and set in the caulk gun. Once set, deposit caulks on the female side of the metal panel by squeezing the caulk gun along the joint. The caulks will then be deposited in the metal panel.

Step 5 – Securing the Male and Female Sides of 2 Metal Panels

Once you have installed caulks on the female side of another metal panel, slide the second metal panel over the male side of the other panel. Make sure that the edges of the panels align and then press on the female side until a click is heard. You can use a rubber mallet to set the snap lock in place. Do this to all the sides with mounting clips.