Install a Spa Ozonator in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Safety Glasses
Hose Cutter
Assorted Wrenches

A spa ozonator works by converting oxygen into ozone which it then injects into the water supply. This controls the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping those who use your spa healthier. There are only 5 steps involved in stalling an ozonator, and this project can be completed by anyone, even a novice.

Step 1: Mounting the Ozonator

Most spa ozonators are installed beneath the spa cabinet. In some cases, it may be necessary to install it on the wall of a hot tub room or in a dry place under a deck. The ozonator needs good air flow around it in order to work correctly. If the ozonator can not be placed above the water line, your model might come with a check valve that prevents water from flowing backward through the line. Check the manual that came with your device to see exactly how it should be placed.

Step 2: Connect Ozone Tubing

Most spas are built to accept an hot tub ozonator. The plumbing involves a single tube that connects to the water jet system and allows injection of ozone into the water. Even if an ozonator is not installed, this tubing will allow water flow to the jets. Install the ozonator inline by cutting through the tube and install the ozonator. Use hose clamps to secure the connection.

Step 3: Install a check Valve

In order for the ozonator to supply your spa ozone, it needs to have a check valve that prevent water from flowing into the unit. The valve is sometimes built into the unit, and sometimes installed separately. If you must install yours, cut the tube leading away from the jet tubing, insert the check valve and secure it using hose clamps.

Step 4: Wiring the Ozonator

Ozonators may be wired for 110 or 220 volts systems. Make sure that you have the correct voltage ozonator for your spa before beginning any installation. Refer to the manual for proper installation, as this process will vary somewhat from one unit to the next. If necessary, hire a licensed electrician to complete the wiring. There are many different wiring options, but the manual that came with the ozonator should have illustrated instructions that simplify the process.

Step 5: Set the Timer

For the ozonator to work properly, your spa pumps must operate at least 3 hours out of every 12. If you do not already have a timer installed, you should get one and install it. Remember that there is a recommended minimum of 6 hours use per day, but the longer your ozonator runs, the more effective it will be in protecting your spa. If the pump is not filtering, ozone is not being injected into the system.